Your Entertainment guide to prosperous synergies between Qatar,French Riviera and Europe. Dive into how we bring together actions, opportunities, and events to create enriching connectivity.

Language English
Launched in 2011
Media Specialized in Tv Industry
Total Arabic Reach: 104 840
Average Age
Affluent Audience
0 % is a dedicated media platform with a mission to facilitate understanding, collaboration, and constructive engagements between Qatar and Europe, with a specific focus on the television industry. Our platform illuminates the endeavors, investments, and prospects of these regions, particularly within the dynamic landscape of the French Riviera.

We aim to be a pivotal source for insights into the television market, fostering cultural, trade, and economic ties through comprehensive coverage of events, professional gatherings, and ventures in the television industry. Our objective is to serve as a hub for information exchange, promoting mutual enrichment and contributing to the development of robust connections between Qatar and Europe within the television sector.


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